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Pakistan is actually bothered by all those things which make India proud:

Despite its enormous development challenges and security concerns, the nation is making incredible progress, moving one of the world’s oldest civilizations into the future:

1) With the economy booming it has the world’s largest middle class at 300 million

2) 40 million Indians are moving from poverty into the middle class each year.

3) It is the world’s largest democracy, diverse, and booming–over 400 million Indians voted in the last election, the largest human activity in history.

4)Poverty as per the World Bank has been reduced from 90% when 200 years of British rule ended to approximately 20-25% today, all the more amazing considering the population tripled during that time.

5)India is earning the respect and admiration of much of the world and all its major powers as it progresses towards one of the largest economies on Earth–not surprising considering that the Paris-based OECD said India had the world’s largest economy 1500 of the last 2000 years, and the second largest only 200 years ago.

6) Although human development is its first priority, it continues to make impressive strides in high-technology, space, manufacturing, and all industries.

8) Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism were born in India; it has the second largest Muslim population in the world; it has some of the world’s oldest synagogues and has been cited by Jewish groups as the only country with Jews and no history of anti-semitism; the president, just like the speaker of parliament is a woman, who succeeded India’s 3rd Muslim President; the Prime Minister is Sikh and the leader of the ruling party (and nation’s most powerful politician) is an Italian Catholic woman. Like the Jews, Syrian Christians, Armenians, and Zorostrians in India came after either fleeing from persecution or chose to emigrate to India, many thriving in India today.

7) The US as per it policy, is elevating long-term US-India relations to strategic levels.

8) Its economy continues to be the second fastest growing in the world after China despite the global economic slowdown, benefiting all of its citizens.

9) The vibrant and dynamic people continue to express themselves with art, literature, and movies increasingly seen throughout the world.

The people of India are so beautiful and caring, graceful and giving–it is wonderful to see its vast growth and potential extending to all corners of that vast and diverse nation

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